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Bookboard gives parents and kids a chance to enjoy fun, educational moments together through the magic of story time.

Encourage your children to read and celebrate their accomplishments.

  • Personalized

    Your child can explore books according to their age, interests, reading level, or suggestions based on your child's patterns and trends with similar children.

  • Goal-Oriented

    Bookboard gives parents insight into their kid's reading progress and offers ways to help mom, dad, grandma and grandpa reinforce good reading habits.

  • Limitless Content

    Finding content appropriate for your kids will be painless – whatever they happen to be interested in this week.

  • Healthy Competition

    Bookboard combines elements of gaming and competition to develop a self-motivated drive to read and learn.

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  • Tap into story time

    Designed to motivate kids to read, Bookboard offers a digital library subscription with over 400 books for kids up to age 12 to discover, unlock, and collect. The service grows with kids’ reading level and interests, and reinforces the experience of story time that instills a love of reading in kids.

  • Freedom to explore

    Kids are empowered to choose from a broad selection of books and start reading -- no need for ongoing purchase appeals to parents or waiting for lengthy downloads.

  • Fun & useful stats

    Both parents and kids will enjoy watching each reader's progress, and seeing if they can read enough to reach the height of a dinosaur or the great pyramid!

  • Focus on text

    With full-size pictures, kids can tap on text to expand for easier reading, or have mom, dad or Bookboard read aloud to them.

  • Read more to get more

    The more kids read, the more books will be unlocked and added to their collection -- growing with your kids' interests and reading level and encouraging them to read more.

  • Profiles for everyone in the family

    Kids love having their own custom profiles and shelves -- encouraging them to read and unlock new books to add to their collection.