April 2012

MamaBear Tech Conference Wrapup

by On April 23, 2012 in Conferences, General

The Mamabear Tech Conference was a pretty unique opportunity – a tech conference focused on products designed for families. For us, this was like a gift from above – while we’re all passionate technologists here at Bookboard, we really founded the company because we see the potential for technology to improve real family life. Hosted by 500 Startups, and with keynote speaker LEVAR BURTON (!), the conference description seemed to be speaking directly to us.

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Who are we?

by On April 19, 2012 in General

We’re parents too. We understand the importance of keeping your child entertained while developing reading and comprehension skills. We’re technologists who love the bleeding edge, but also have a passion for thoughtful design and a strong sense that software is supposed to make our *real* lives better.

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