December 2012

Feature Update : Reading Progress Reports, More!

by On December 14, 2012 in General, Releases

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Here’s what’s new :
<ul class="bullet">
<li><a href="#progress">Kid Reading Progress Reports</a></li>
<li><a href="#share">Share your kids’ accomplishments</a></li>
<li><a href="#reach">Easier ways to reach out to us</a></li>
<a name="progress">&nbsp;</a>
<h3>Kid Reading Progress Reports</h3>
We wanted to make it easy and fun to keep tabs on your kids’ reading activity. We’ve been surveying parents, and know you guys are busy – there aren’t hours in the day to study graphs and charts. We also wanted to present results in a way that can motivate your kids to keep achieving, with some fun measurements and goals mixed in.

<img src="" width="500px" alt="Reading Progress Report" />

Just head on over to the parent area, where each child profile listed now has a "Progress Report" tab. We think we’re hitting the right balance of useful detail and fun – as always, if there’s more you’d like to see, please let us know (<a href=""></a>).
<a name="share">&nbsp;</a>
<h3>Share your kids’ accomplishments</h3>
Whenever your kids unlock a new book, we think it’s cause for celebration. Why not share that accomplishment with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? Your friends will see the new book unlocked, and be able to offer congrats to your kids. At the same time, you’re helping spread the Bookboard mission – using the power of technology to foster a lasting love of reading.

<img src="" width="500px" alt="Share your kids’ success" />

Any time you get an "unlock" email from us, you’ll now have social sharing options embedded right in the mail – just one click to spread the love!
<a name="reach">&nbsp;</a>
<h3>Easier ways to reach out to us</h3>
It’s small but important – we want to make sure you can reach out to us at any time to let us know how we’re doing, or if you need help. New buttons in the parent area of the app will take you to our Facebook and support pages, so please feel free to use them any time you have praise, a great idea, or hit any issues.
<img src="" width="100px" alt="Share and Help" />

Thanks to everyone for using Bookboard – there’s lots coming in the New Year, so stay tuned! We hope you have the happiest of holidays.

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