Kids’ Summer Book Club Reviews! (Part 2)

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As the reading buddies arrived for our summer Kid’s Book Club Event, you could feel the buzz in bookclub sign sizedthe air. They weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but they were ready!

After introductions, I had them sing along with an icebreaker book, A Pilot Flies Her Plane. While it proved a bit young for the age 5-7 set, they liked shouting answers when I asked: “Who can name every vehicle in this book?”

Now revved up, they were ready to review!


__bookboard_thumbBOOK 1:? Truck Stuck

Synopsis: A brother and sister sell lemonade in front of their home, near an overpass where a truck is stuck. A traffic jam ensues. The tow truck rope snaps. How can the truck get unstuck? Imaginative efforts ensue, but the siblings save the day.


The kids loved strategizing how to get that truck unstuck.

Evan said, “I would throw away the broken part of the rope and use the rest!” Katie felt the answer was obvious: “Just get a bigger tow truck!” When Levi said, “I would lower the ground so the truck would go down and then pull it out,” others balked. “But it’s hard cement!” Hope countered. “Then get a digging tool!” Levi replied. Simple.3 kids vertical sized

When the kids heard the solution – let the air out of the truck tires and then tow the truck – there was a collective “ahhh.” Levi smiled, adding, “I was just going to suggest that.”

The group also had fun guessing how much lemonade money the kids in the story had earned.

“I think $80!” said Melissa. Several countered with “one hundred.”

“No, a hundred-y billion!” guessed Evan.

Kids’ rating: This book was “really cool” and had “a fun truck challenge.” Several kids were inspired to host a lemonade stand.


Jessies IslandBOOK 2: Jessie’s Island

Synopsis: A young girl writes a letter to her cousin in the city, describing the wonderful summer fun one can have on an island.


Before starting, I asked, “what would you do on an island all summer?”

Cara said, “I would go on nature hikes.” Melissa agreed, “Long walks would be good.” Evan added, “I would go swimming and fishing.” Hope’s list included “climbing trees, swimming with dolphins, and getting coconuts for milk.” Katie had a unique suggestion. “If the island were short on printing paper, I would cut down trees and make more paper.”?3 kids sized

When we finished, I asked the kids which would be more fun: summers on an island, or in a city? ?The kids chose islands, 4 to 2. “It’s more fun outside in nature!” several agreed. Cara, a city fan, countered, “But I’d want to see the planetarium.”

Kid’s rating: This book “with pretty pictures” earned the highest marks with island fans, but everyone thought it would be awesome to see whales swim by.


Richard-was-a-PickerBOOK 3: Richard Was a Picker ?

Having previously read Hope this oozing, slimy, surreal book about a nose-picking boy, I wondered how a group would react. Answer? With giggles, shrieks, and an array of facial expressions!

group gross out sized


Kid’s rating: Even those most grossed out agreed: “This book rocks!” As one mom later shared, “Evan said what he loved most about the Book Club was the booger book, and the cupcakes!”



Parents, it’s not too late to host a summer book club event at your house!



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