How Does Your Family Welcome Fall?

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Credit: Tamara Bowman, Tamara Camera Photography.

Credit: Tamara Bowman, Tamara Camera Photography.

Every September, as kids and parents settle back into the school year routines, we start to see the familiar signs that the fall season is upon us:

  • The last warm days of Indian summer give way to a familiar chill in the air
  • Shorts and sandals are replaced by long pants and (gasp!) shoes
  • Spiced lattes and hot apple cider return to coffeehouse menus
  • Pumpkins start showing up everywhere (inspiring some of us to bake — check out these pumpkin recipes from Parade Magazine!)
  • The leaves start putting on their magical show
Kids love raking leaves.  Credit: Diana Dull Akers

Kids love raking leaves.
Credit: Diana Dull Akers

Every autumn, it’s the fall leaves that capture my fancy most. Blazing gold, orange, and red leaf displays provide us with one of nature’s prettiest palettes to enjoy. And when their show is over, those piles of spent leaves beckon. So gather the rakes, build your leafy pile, then check out your kids’ expressions as they dive on in!

A newer title in the Bookboard library ?– The Leaf Jumpers?– helped put me in the mood for the change of seasons. It worked its magic on Hope, too. She has been lamenting summer’s end, but the variety and beauty of leaves in this book – sugar maples, sycamores, willow and birch — put her in the mood for all things autumn. ?She wanted to go for a nature walk to identify leaves, AND she went looking for her kid-sized rake to get to work!

When we enjoyed the book a second time at night (it’s a soothing choice for bedtime reading), it touched me that the book inspired Hope to think of my dad, the grandpa she never met. “He’d like this book because he loved plants and nature, right mommy? He’d just love all these leaves.”

Check out these other titles for more fall themes, from harvest adventures and moon cakes (to celebrate the mid-autumn festival), to pumpkin patches and haunted houses. Because in case you’ve forgotten, Halloween is just around the corner.

How does your family welcome fall? Share your ideas for celebrating the season with us, and remember: if you don’t jump in a pile of leaves with the kids at least once, you’re missing out!



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