New Year, Ongoing Resolution (reading with my kid!)

by On January 6, 2014 in General, Reading

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It's that time of year for resolutions!

It’s that time of year for resolutions!
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This morning I read an article describing the 10 most popular New Year’s resolutions, according to a Harris poll. All the usual suspects you’d expect to see were there, from better eating to quitting smoking. The clever spin? Each was paired with an app that might help folks achieve these well-intended, frequently abandoned resolutions. For example:

  • An app called Nutrino is designed to help us with weight loss goals and menu planning strategies.
  • Human will gently prod us to complete at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.
  • The Back in Touch app helps us reconnect with folks we’ve been meaning to contact, while the BRB app is designed to help us de-stress by tactfully informing folks when we need a break from all that electronic media connecting.

Hopeful stuff, but I wonder — can apps really help folks end the pattern of making January resolutions that end by February?

I’ll likely be checking out those exercise more/eat better apps, but this year my main resolution has a different focus and, yes, there is already an “app” in the picture.

Basically, I’m resolving (with my husband and others) to continue helping our daughter in her quest to read. At age 6, Hope contends with varied learning challenges that stymie her reading progress. While she battles frustrations and self-doubts, she has made some gains, too. Her determination to read on her own has been growing.

Most New Year’s resolutions are easier to keep when you have outside support. For Hope, reading support comes from two sources:

Hope loves seeing her reading progress on Bookboard. credit: Diana Dull Akers

Hope loves checking out her reading progress on Bookboard.
credit: Diana Dull Akers

  1. A wonderful team comprised of her teacher, aide, reading specialist, school principal and “reading buddy” peers that join our parental efforts to help Hope read; and
  2. Excellent reading resources, from the wonderful library books we check out weekly to our Bookboard subscription (technically a children’s e-book service versus an “app,” but just roll with me here).

Last year we saw the varied ways Bookboard helped support Hope’s reading journey: from inspiring her first sentence read out loud to her sense of accomplishment every time she checks out her “reading stats” (she so wants to reach the top of that pyramid!) Each book she’s explored has been a source of pride – a book she read with help, but read, nonetheless.

This year, I will still have my personal resolutions about losing weight, exercising more, and minimizing stress. But as a parent, I resolve to continue on this reading journey with my child, to encourage her through the challenges, to provide her with amazing books, and to help her believe what I know to be true: when it comes to reading, she will get there in her own time, and a whole new, wonderful world will be hers to explore.


Diana is a sociologist, freelance writer and mom, though rarely in that order. Her writing spans topics from parenting joys and challenges to prevention education. She writes a monthly parenting blog for Yahoo and has published feature articles on adoption, family rituals and the childcare industry for parenting publications. Diana earned her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California at Santa Cruz. These days find her hanging with her husband and book-loving six year old in the San Francisco Bay Area, while happily blogging and serving as a reading advocate for Bookboard.

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