Parent Spotlight: Jay and Scott

by On February 12, 2014 in General, Reading

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Jay and Scott, parents of two Bookboard fans

Jay and Scott, parents of two Bookboard fans

Meet San Francisco Bay Area parents Jay and Scott! They kindly agreed to share some of their family reading experiences with daughter Gracie, age 5 and son Austin, age 3.


Q: Help us picture the reading scene in your home.?

Jay:? Scott does the nightly reading with both kids. Gracie likes to do daily reading as well. When she was little, she always loved to read. With Austin, not so much yet, but we have a routine; at nighttime, he lets us read to him.

Scott: He’ll definitely go to the nightstand and grab his favorites in a certain order!

Q:?And how does Bookboard support your family reading goals?

Jay: Reading a paper book is great, but having an additional tool to help your child read and engage them is nice. Gracie loves the iPad, so having Bookboard is great. I also love the audio books. When I’m tired, I’d rather have them read a book on Bookboard with the audio on then plop them in front of the TV.

Jay and Gracie reading together with Bookboard.  Credit: Scott D.

Jay and Gracie reading together with Bookboard.
Credit: Scott D.

Scott:? We also used Bookboard this summer in Hawaii and again on our San Diego trip.

Jay: We’ve been on vacation schlepping a backpack full of books, so it’s nice to have all the books on the tablet!

Scott:? It’s interesting; Gracie is actually a bit more distracted with regular books. She’ll flip forward to see how much of the story is left. She doesn’t do that with Bookboard. She also loves to hold the iPad and have that control. I would be bummed if she didn’t want regular books anymore, but she is still showing us she likes both.

Q: Any favorite Bookboard features?

Jay: The unlocking of the books — she loves that and has not grown tired of it! ?I also love not having a huge library that she’s seeing all at once; I like having a select amount of books at one time.

Scott: It’s like sometimes too many choices can be overwhelming.

Q:? How about favorite books??

Gracie also likes reading on her own. Credit: Scott D.

Gracie also likes reading on her own.
Credit: Scott D.

Jay: Gracie loves the one about the seven sets of grandparents, the idea of all these relatives that dote on her and introduce her to new experiences. She also liked Can I Bring My Pterodactyl to School?? She liked the ridiculousness of it and thought it was funny!

Q: Bookboard believes “books aren’t broken” so they keep the interactive bells and whistles to a minimum. Thoughts?

Jay: ?I’ve bought a couple of really interactive books and at first I thought, “this is amazing.”? But now I don’t get into it anymore. They take up too much memory and the kids get too distracted from reading.

Scott: It might be good for kids who aren’t reading anything, just to get them interested, but otherwise, I find it distracting as well. I like that Bookboard is like a real book, or as close to it as any book can be.



Diana is a sociologist, freelance writer and mom, though rarely in that order. Her writing spans topics from parenting joys and challenges to prevention education. She writes a monthly parenting blog for Yahoo and has published feature articles on adoption, family rituals and the childcare industry for parenting publications. Diana earned her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California at Santa Cruz. These days find her hanging with her husband and book-loving six year old in the San Francisco Bay Area, while happily blogging and serving as a reading advocate for Bookboard.

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