The Impact of Violent Games on Children

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Video games have never raised as much controversy before. Their impact on psychological well-being and mental health has brought about growing concerns among doctors, parents, and teachers. Modern game studios cannot make enough money on educational and informative games. This is the reason why teenagers are engaged in playing the video games that influence their behavior.

Modern game industry incites children into playing violent games. This is especially true if we have a look at multiple aspects that made these games popular. Killing of people or animals, swearing, criminal and unreasonable sexual behavior are just a few examples of what teenagers see and experience while playing video games.

Although there have been studies where researchers mentioned that the aspects of bare violence do not make the game more appealing to people, playing such video games still provokes increased aggression. And the more a person plays, the more susceptible they are to similar behavior in real life. What’s more, this dedication to playing games has seen to impact the academic performance of students, that is why psychologists increasingly warn people against playing violent games regularly. Parents should keep an eye on young players to avoid possible adverse effects on our young generation.


Cen is a children’s librarian in Silicon Valley, and a children’s digital services consultant at She has driven a bookmobile, managed branch libraries, developed innovative programs for babies, young children and teens, and now helps other libraries incorporate digital media into their early literacy programming. She attended the California State Library’s Eureka Leadership Institute in 2008 and now serves on the American Library Association's ALSC Children & Technology committeetaschen.

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