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Our society has a definite idea of ‘you get what you pay for’ – i.e. that if you go to cheap writing services, you will get cheap essay papers (not good ones). While this might sometimes be the case, as it is sometimes the case with everything that you pay money for, it isn’t the case everywhere, and it shouldn’t be assumed to be the case.
Paper writing services have many ways to be cheaper than their competitors. Some sites offer some serious discounts on their work for customers who have worked with them over time, while some also offer substantial discounts for first time users. Some sites give free parts of the paper (title pages and bibliographies, normally), while others give free revisions.

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People who are looking for cheaper options could also take the opportunity of looking for pre-written essays specifically, rather than the cheapest custom essay writing they can find. Custom essays work by specifically giving people what they want, but the price is determined not only by the materials and research which would be involved, but also by the time it would take a writer to actually undertake the work. A pre-written essay, on the other hand, may fluctuate in terms of pricing through the size of it, will not have any price attached to it which is directly to do with someone writing it – therefore it will almost always be cheaper to buy one of them than a custom essay.

It is possible to get a cheap essay from custom writing services because not everybody is looking for an essay which is a thousand pages long with a very complicated research and citation style attached. Some people use essay services in order to get shorter papers done, whether that is because the short papers throw off their schedules, or because the shorter papers are all they have. Cheap custom essay writing services will not quibble over the length of your papers – they will simply write them. Shorter papers are a very good way of having cheap papers done at a quick pace, and so keeping the overall price down. If someone goes to a site which offers discounts and asks for these short papers to be written, it is possible to get an essay or paper which is very cheap indeed.

Another means of keeping your paper cheap is to check for any hidden costs which might occur to keep the final price tag moving up. Many sites offer additional perks if the customer wants them, such as guaranteed good writers, or VIP treatment when it comes to customer service and so on. This will only add more money onto the final price tag, so it should be avoided. Other sites try and add money on by making surcharges, or by having people needing to ask for a certain number of pages if they are not to pay a flat fee to make up for time spent.

Cheap is sometimes bad, because some sites do cover up bad writers and terrible deadlines by giving their services away for a very small amount of money, comparatively speaking, but that is not to say that one must only go for the most expensive options either. Simply keep your eyes open, and you will find cheap options.

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