3 Adoptions, 3 Gifts

by On November 25, 2013 in Childrens Books, Conferences, General

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Every adoption is its own unique story.
Credit: Diana Dull Akers

In addition to Thanksgiving overlapping with Hanukkah this year, November is also National Adoption Month.? It’s a topic very close to my heart.

Though I write for a living, I struggle to find words that describe the joy of adopting our daughter Hope six years ago.

My husband and I were late bloomers to love, marriage, and attempts to become parents. As we watched my brother and his partner go through the process of adopting their baby girl, Zoe, we became inspired to pursue adoption ourselves. We spent a year in classes, completed countless forms and screenings, and started jumping at every phone call.

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MamaBear Tech Conference Wrapup

by On April 23, 2012 in Conferences, General

The Mamabear Tech Conference was a pretty unique opportunity – a tech conference focused on products designed for families. For us, this was like a gift from above – while we’re all passionate technologists here at Bookboard, we really founded the company because we see the potential for technology to improve real family life. Hosted by 500 Startups, and with keynote speaker LEVAR BURTON (!), the conference description seemed to be speaking directly to us.

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