About Bookboard

Bookboard’s goal is to create motivated readers, and we do this by re-imagining story time for today’s digital age. As kids read, they’re rewarded by unlocking new books to add to their collections – your kids will keep coming back to unlock the next story.

As your kids’ interests and reading level changes, Bookboard suggests other stories based on what your kids have been reading, right when they’re most interested. The service is designed to grow with your kids, with new books added all the time.

No purchasing, downloading or managing books – kids get the power to drive the experience of choosing what to read, and start reading instantly.

“What we really like is this: The more kids read, the more they get to read. Read more, unlock more. Now that’s one of the best rewards we’ve seen in a while. Really.” —Parents’ Choice

“This subscription-based website offers over 400 books. The selection is outstanding including the Berenstain Bears, the nonfiction Smithsonian series and chapter books. Parents can set up profiles for each child. Fun for the entire family!” —Julie Kertes, NAPPA

“Bookboard, as Baby Bear might say, is just right! Kids liked the audio and read-along features, and parents loved seeing their kids’ progress.” —FamilyFun Magazine, Sept 2013

“One of the challenges facing me as a parent is to keep my kids interested in reading. Until we got Bookboard!” —

“Bookboard is clearly a standout book app for its well-designed user interface, its combo book and audio book format, and the addition of a gentle reward system that encourages kids to read, not just points or stickers.” —Dana Villamagna, Common Sense Media

“There are elements of a ‘game’ like goals and achievements that entice potentially reluctant readers to read more on their own.” —Sherri Kuhn, SheKnows Parenting

“If your young reader is always looking for new stories, give Bookboard a try.” —Parents Magazine, Aug 2013

“The best part? The more kids read, the more books are unlocked, opening up their eyes to new books every day.” —Erin Macpherson, WeAreTeachers

“…Bookboard is less an app and more of a service that brings scalability to a great librarian […] a thoughtful librarian delivered instantly to your home.” —Jordan Shapiro, Forbes

“The digi-library stocks more than 300 titles… Early readers (and busy parents) will especially appreciate the read-aloud option.” —DailyCandy

“The company has really identified something to keep my kids engaged and motivated, which makes Bookboard stand out…” —Christine Ying, TechCrunch

“Bookboard takes ebook files and enhances them so that they are streamable […] so that you don’t have to download a whole ebook at once.” —Laura Hazard Owen,

“[Bookboard] rewards both the reader and the publisher […] and by reading, kids gain access to more ebooks.” —Digital Book World

“When reading unlocks powers, instead of earning pieces of paper quickly lost under the seat of the minivan, it’s a complete game changer.” —Jennifer Rees, Big Binder

“Bookboard has developed a working Netflix business model for ebooks which will benefit publishers financially.” —Dru Ashe, Complex Media